Day 70: Everywhere Pepper

08 September 2019
What is the Big Brother House on Saturdays without the after-party drama? Here's another park of it.

A Saturday Night Party without drama afterwards is like a bland soup and so the Big Brother Naija Housemates went on to give us the content we all signed up for.

Playing Mind Games

“Khafi is a low budget Tacha”- Mercy

As soon as the Party finished, Mercy and Diane had a conversation about how Khafi is playing mind games with all the Housemates. She ranted about how with four weeks to go, the Housemates are beginning to reveal their true colours. She wasn’t done yet as she said if Khafi survives tomorrow, she will tell her to be her true self. This was not the first time Mercy has had this kind of talk about Khafi as she once told Ike that Khafi is a slow poison.

Apparently, Mercy is pained because she trusted Khafi and even took her side against Venita which she regretted.  Elozonam on his part told Mercy that nobody in the House can be trusted. Some nuggets of wisdom there.

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Who Said What

The reason behind Mercy’s heated conversation stemmed from Khafi’s ‘investigation’ on if the HoH suggested to Biggie the kind of punishment team Legends will serve. According to Mercy, Venita was the source of this gist which a little birdie (Khafi) whispered to her. As fate will have it, Venita heard the noise and she came in to defend herself. Khafi also made an appearance to clear the air on the matter but not before Venita shed some tears. Hmm, in the Pepper Dem House, nobody remembers who said what and this was a classic case.

It wasn’t over as Khafi was called out by Frodd in the garden which led to another heated conversation. Surely, a cup of Khafi got spilt and we wonder if the mess will be thoroughly cleaned.

Still Inconclusive

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The joy that we felt seeing Seyi and Tacha dance at the Saturday Night Party was cut short as these two couldn’t find a common ground while talking about their misunderstanding. Seyi told Tacha that her friend (Khafi) knew everything that led to their quarrel but chose to keep quiet. Tacha, however, said Seyi shouldn’t tag people as her friend. In her words, “I talk to everybody in this House.” On and on they went until Tacha walked out of the conversation. Later, Seyi told Venita that he regretted trying to have a conversation with her. Does this mean it’s the end of the road for Seyi and Tacha’s friendship?

It was a gbas gbos night in the Big Brother Naija House and with the way things are going, there's more to come.

Source: Twitter - @19teensavage, @betek_mina, @HarzeezBabatun2

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