Day 70: Before The Heat Comes

08 September 2019
Here’s how the Pepper Dem Gang are getting set for the Live Eviction Show.

Today being another Eviction day, the Housemates up for Eviction were treated to beautiful hairstyles amidst interesting banter in the Garden.  

The Beautiful Prep

Eviction or not, Frodd, Khafi and Venita would like to have amazing hairstyles as they had their hair treated by the Darling crew. As the music played on, the mood in the Garden did not show that the Housemates cared a bit about what will happen tonight at the Eviction Show. Their mantra seemed to be, what will be will be.

1567946814 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 11.45.44 am

Cruise On

Trust Khafi to not dull herself at the sound of music. The girl was singing along the songs as her hair was being worked on. Sugar Daddy Seyi was there all along going from one Housemate to another like a supervisory officer who wanted to ensure the Housemates were treated nicely.

As Teni's 'Case' came on, Seyi told Elozonam about how amusing it was for them when Mike was having difficulty pronouncing the lyrics correctly during their Pepsi Task rehearsal. We wonder why the resident Sugar Daddy wanted to sound very entertaining around Elozonam knowing well that he might have watched the video before joining them.  

1567946655 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 11.34.35 am

Surprise, Surprise!

After team Enigma’s shopping session in the lounge, the Pepper Dem Gang got a surprise gift from MegaGrowth and Darling. The excitement on their faces showed how much they were grateful for the package. Thank you Godrej. It feels great to see the Pepper Dem Gang in this mood despite the Eviction atmosphere.

1567946749 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 1.00.59 pm

Sundays in the Pepper Dem House come with all shades of vibes from the Housemates. But today seems a bit different, the atmosphere is that of excitement and fun. We wonder if that will continue as the Eviction verdict is served.    

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