Day 7: The Morning After

04 February 2018
We all know what it feels like the morning after a big night, how will last night's events affect the social dynamics in the House today.
after party

Last night was a total catalyst for a new vibe in the House, it’s been a week full of ups and downs and it was clear that everyone really needed to unwind.

K.Brule tries his luck

After everyone danced the night away to the cool sounds from DJ Snipes, everyone went to the kitchen to do what they love most, eat. K.Brule was clearly feeling on Anto and tried his best with her. Princess even smeared some ice-cream on Anto’s face and K.Brule licked it up, after they shared a rather intimate moment, Anto seemed to brush K.Brule off and he was left looking forlorn.

Princess used that ice-cream as her weapon to get everyone kissing, first Lolu and Anto locked lips, then Tobi and Princess.

K.Brule jumping for love

K.Brule pulled a wild stunt and hurt his leg which was had a few of the Housemates shook. Was it all a ploy for the attention he did not seem to be getting from either of the ladies he had tried with last night?

The alcohol was certainly flowing last night and the all the good energy was flowing but how will it affect today’s dynamics?

We all know how things feel the morning after a big night out.

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