Day 7: ‘I No Dey Okay ooo’ - Omashola

07 July 2019
After their wildest night yet, things got heated in the Pepper Dem House.

It was all fun and games for the Pepper Dem Housemates until the alcohol set in and Bet9ja Coins got stolen.

In less than five minutes after the wildest Party to ever feature in the Pepper Dem House, Omashola was heard shouting and expressing all shades of fury and irritation. His Bet9ja Coins had been stolen!

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It was no surprise when he kept shouting, “Bring back my Coins, I no dey okay ooo”. Who wouldn’t, his missing Bet9ja Coins gets him automatically up for Eviction.

All eyes turned to Ike as the Housemates recalled the conversation he had earlier, saying he was willing to either beg or steal for the Coins. Of course, he denied having anything to do with the theft. Hmmmm… The game is the game, right?

Isilomo was an indirect victim in this Coins theft as she ended the night with tears because she found it unfair that ‘a good man’ like Omashola was at risk of going home. Were the tears as a result of her supposed feelings for Omashola? Or she really thinks of him as a good guy?

Whatever her reason, she found comfort in the arms of Pepper Dem’s meme god -  Seyi, who turned those wet eyes into smiling eyes with his calming words of encouragement. Thank you, Seyi.

Another interesting moment, was when Mike – who is also at risk of going home after tonight’s live Eviction – was heard offering to give Omashola his Coins and would rather go home instead. What do we call this? Pepper Dem’s Samaritan, perhaps?

Omashola has threatened to show whoever he catches with his Coins ‘serious pepper’. Who is your number one suspect? Please tell him/her to return the Coins ooo.

Watch the Full Video here.

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