Day 69: Housemates' culinary skills tested

01 April 2017
Each Housemate was to prepare an individual meal for the guest visiting this afternoon.
cooking Task 3

The Housemates had to prepare meals for special guests that would visit this afternoon. 

This was the final prerequisite in determining whether or not they win their Wager. Biggie has had them doing all sorts of Tasks this week, it being Extreme Survivor Week. They’ve had their shoes and mattresses taken away and even spent the night outside the House.

This morning, they were each to prepare a meal and present it in the Arena, come presentation time. This means there were six meals to be prepared. They were to use ingredients they already had in the House and if anyone of them needed extra ingredients, they were to make a list and the HoH Bisola would let Biggie know.

34 rsz cooking task 2 004 pre

Reading the Task brief, Bisola informed the Housemates that the guests would taste the meals and give a verdict afterwards.

“The winning dish will get a reward,” she said.

Immediately after reading the Task brief, the HoH asked the Housemates if they had all understood what was expected of them and they all said yes, before mentioning the meals they would prepare. Marvis said she would make pepper soup, Bally said he’d make Indomie noodles, TBoss said she’d make mashed potatoes, Bisola said she’d make pancakes and eggs, Efe said make boiled yam and Debie-Rise said she’d make yam and stew, before heading into the kitchen to get started.    

It was not long before Biggie played music, playing Ex-Housemate Uriel’s song, sending excitement in the House. Marvis even danced a bit.

34 rsz uriels song 4 004 pre

Eager to see how the meals will turn out and to find out whom the special guests expected this afternoon will be? Stay tuned to DStv Channel 198 or GOtv Channel 29to find out. 

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