Day 69: Puzzle No Be Housemate’s Thing

07 April 2018
The Housemates have proven over and over that they struggled with putting puzzles together.

The Housemates have all so far displayed their capabilities and what they’re good at, but for all of them, a puzzle in not their strong point. Today’s Legend’s puzzle had them locking heads trying to crack how the puzzle should be, and they finished it more than an hour later.

Looking back

The Housemates, on many occasions have failed dismally at completing a puzzle, let alone getting how it should look. On the Arena games they’ve had puzzles and it has over and over proven that their struggle lies in putting and completing it.

Good Somewhere Else

For example, looking at the Housemates, Alex will never struggle when it comes to dancing and the same can be said about Rico Swavey when it comes to cooking. Nina and Anto are good at doing other Housemates’ hair and Khloe can never go wrong with applying makeup. Now the question is: why is it that a puzzle gives them such a tough time? Or is it a good strategy for them to kill time?

Vibe Killed

Throughout the afternoon, the Housemates seemed to be in good spirits and the party vibe was within them. The excitement got even better when their party clothes (and in this case pyjamas) came and it was clear that they were ready to hit the dance floor. However, the mood has since died down since the dragging time it took to complete the two puzzles from Legend Beer. Hopefully the new pyjamas will revive their partying spirit and they’ll dance the night away with DJ Ssnatch.

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