Day 68: Squashing the beef!

31 March 2017
It looks like some of our Housemates are tired of the animosity and have started reaching out.

Extreme Survivor week has been characterised by lots of drama. After Biggie gave conspiring the green light a wave of gossiping swept through the Big Brother Naija House with shots being taken back and forth. At first it was all about strategy and Nominations. However they were soon, actively decampaigning one another with Efe being called a hypocrite, Bally and Bisola - bullies, Debie-Rise - insecure, TBoss - manipulative and Marvis - deceptive.

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Things started changing when Biggie kicked them out into the yard were they had to sit together. Suddenly there was laughter and joking again with people who'd been exchanging venomous words all week now play fighting and breaking bread with one another. Even TBoss and Bisola (who've often come to blows) were play humping one another on the patio.

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Bally and many others acknowledged this thawing of icy relations in their Dairy Sessions before saying his relationship with Debie-Rise was one of those that had been strained by the beef. He reached out to her earlier today and they had a chat about her music career and how she'd like to study guitar and truly master the instrument. It was hardly an emotional conversation but it was signicant nonetheless considering they were barely on speaking terms.

This morning TBoss had a "meltdown" when she started worrying about people wanting nothing to do with her after she left the show. Bisola immediately gave her a healthy dose of tough love. "Don't you even dare!" Bisola exclaimed in shock at TBoss words before sitting down to talk to her woman to woman. "Mama, you're going into the real world now. People want to do business with you!"

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"The unknown is a crazy thing. Don't let fear box you in and suffocate you. Say to yourself, I am TBoss. I will overcome! Fear will make you miss out on the best and most amazing experiences of your life!" TBoss sat and listened, quiet and pensive. Here's to hoping she heeds Bisola's wise words. Watch the full convo below and let us know if you're sick of the beefing and glad it's ending or sad that there'll be less drama now."

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