Day 66: The most painful Task yet!

29 March 2017
Who would have thought that a fruit we eat so often would be the toughest thing to eat all season!

Today Biggie informed the Housemates that they'd have to complete five extremely, taxing Missions in order to win a series of awesome rewards. Once they were done with the first mission however they realised it was going to be a lot harder than they'd initially thought. Upon arriving in the Arena, the found six tables with a large glass bowls full of large lemons. The objective was simple: Eat all 20 lemons in less than 30 minutes or fail the Task!

As soon as the buzzer sounded the Housemates starting peeling and munching away but it wasn't long before they were feeling the burn, wincing, twitching and shaking their bodies in agony. Marvis and Bisola were the first to say their tongues had gone numb and Debie-Rise could be seen contorting her body in bizzare ways because of the sharp sting of the sour fruit.

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Efe and Bisola made more progress than anyone else managing to eat over 10 lemons each but their efforts proved fruitless in the end though Biggie awarded them seven points out of 10 for their valiant effort. Everyone rushed to go get water and rinse their mouths out as soon as they were done.

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The Housemates had only just begun settling down when Biggie called them back to the Arena for another gruelling challenge. As soon as they walked through the doors their eyes feel to the centre of the Arena and they realised what awaited them, the dreaded rice bucket and chopsticks! This time around they were only given an Hour to complete the gruelling Task and managed to get halfway before getting awarded six points.

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