Day 66: Housemates score 38 out of 50

29 March 2017
Biggie puts the Housemates through their last Task of the five impossible missions set out for them as they attempt to receive messages from home.
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The Housemates had been dealing with some gruelling Tasks all day in a bid to score the highest number of points on offer so as to unlock certain benefits Big Brother had lined up for them as rewards. In the first Task, the Housemates had to eat 20 lemons each in the allotted time of 30minutes. Though the Housemates tried, they were rewarded with only seven points from the available 10.

Task two saw the Housemates rehash their rice carrying exercise from yesterday. They had to move rice from one bucket to the other using only a pair of chopsticks. A very monotonous and mentally draining Task, but sadly they didn’t even achieve 50% of the objective and only received six points for their efforts.

Task three saw them drag huge boulders across the Arena. Bally was the first Housemate up and he dragged the boulder across the course with relative ease. This must have motivated the Housemates as they all got their boulders across the finish line with some ease. This impressed Biggie so much that the Housemates were awarded the maximum points on offer, 10.

Task four must have been the most disgusting Task of all as the Housemates had been informed to head to the Arena with a set of cutleries. Biggie had laid out six covered bowls and the contents got Bisola screaming and holding her head in disgust and irritation. The Housemates had to consume the wriggly creatures in their bowls before the allotted time lapsed and they all got right to it. Alas, the buzzer sounded signifying the end of the allotted time, and though they didn’t finish their wriggly meal, Big Brother awarded them eight points, bringing their accumulated total to 31 points with just one more Task.

Task five saw the Housemates deal with another Arena game they had played before, moving five coloured balls across a beam by putting one ball in front of the other until they reached the end. As usual, Bally was up first and he faltered almost at the end of the course. One by one, the other Housemates finished the course well within the 45 seconds allotted to them. The only other casualty was TBoss. At the end of the Task, Biggie awarded them another seven points, now bringing their final accumulated points tally to 38points.

Even though the Housemates didn’t unlock some benefits like receiving a message from home, or getting to Vote to save one of the Nominated Housemates, they at least got to enjoy an expensive bottle of champagne as well as some home cooked meal, with Biggie admonishing them that the extreme week was far from over. Think Biggie has been too strict on the Housemates, or has been too lenient; how about you decide and post your comments below?

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