Day 65: The Zen art of rice

29 March 2017
The Housemates toiled for hours in the sun with rice and buckets.
Daybreak 65

Biggie took advantage of today's hot weather and got the Housemates doing something uselful - empty one bucket of rice and fill another one with the same rice, with chop sticks. Biggie and his merry Ninja's had fun during the various "Housemates, freeze" Tasks and were covered with whipped cream by the time the Water Dunk Puzzle challenge came around. 

Biggie lured them in with an easy first round and then unleashed his annoyance at their previous day's Diary Session impertinence. All the Housemates were blindfolded so that they could not see what was coming next as Bisola and Bally were the first to feel Biggie's cold fury as they were doused in ice-cold water. At least they got rid of some of the whipped cream from earlier. The victors thought they were home and dry but Biggie's Ninjas were feeling very inclusive and they drenched the remaining Housemates with more ice-cold water. 

As they returned into the House, the poor six were told to freeze again and in marched the Ninja's and out they marched with "Dis na new swag" of Efe's and all of the shoes, some mattresses and other luxury items. Biggie is certainly making them work hard to be in the final week as HoH Bisola's golden eye as well as their weekly shopping ability was also a casualty of Biggie's luxury raid. 

The Housemates then had to carry on with the rice bucket challenge. They eventually completed it after much conversation. In a way it eased the simmering tension in the House by offering a bit of the zen art of singular concentration. With this week's theme of Extreme Survivor Week, some of the Housemates reminisced about the good times they had spent with some of the ex-Housemates, especially Bisola and TTT. Efe, however, reminded them that next week they are "campaigning for Votes" He is celarly keeping his eye on the prize. Bally said that it was "only two guys and four girls" left. Who would be the one person standing, we are getting close, folks, The two "manipulators," TBoss and Debie-Rise chatted in the kitchen about how many children they wanted to have. 

Don't forget to send us your #BBNSuperFan videos, there isn't much time left until the grand finale of Big Brother Nigeria, and what a season it has been, we cannot wait to see how this all ends. 

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