Day 65: Khloe’s failed promise

03 April 2018
Khloe hasn't kept her promise of making sure no Housemates sleeps during the day.

Barely weeks since Khloe returned to the House and vowed to keep the Housemates awake, she has failed to keep her promise. In her welcome back interview on stage, she voiced her frustration towards how the Housemates enjoy sleeping during the day and was certain they wouldn’t find peace in her presence.

Midday Napping

Not a day goes by without the Housemates sleeping during the day and it has somehow become a part of their daily routine. Even though Khloe has been back for a while, the Housemates have continued with their midday naps and she hasn’t shown any effort or voiced her concern regarding the issue, instead she has also joined in.

Late Nights or Boredom

In trying to find out what could be the reason for the everyday napping, one could reference to the fact that the Housemates normally go to bed very late or it could be that they are just bored. Apart from the workout in the morning, the Housemates have been doing nothing and it’s only fair to accept that doing nothing can also be tiring, hence settling for the naps.

Till When?

If after two weeks of being back in the House and no action has been shown by Khloe, is it safe to conclude that sleeping during the day will continue until the very end? The question however remains, why isn’t she keeping her promise or why is she also part of the sleeping crew when she’s made it clear that she didn’t like people who slept during the day?

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