Day 64: They saw it coming.

28 March 2017
With Efe starting as HoH and Bisola ending up as HoH, it was a tumultuous day in Biggie's House.
Daybreak one

With Efe starting as Head of House and Bisola ending up as Head of House, it was a tumultuous day in Biggie's House. The Hoousemates sensed that they were in for a difficult week when Biggie announced that this week's theme was Extreme Survivor Week. Biggie announced then that he would be taking away luxuries and privileges every day. He also gave them a golden eye to present before they were allowed to do any shopping. It looks as if the remaining Housemates are in for a tough penultimate week in Biggie's domain.  

With Biggie relaxing the rules on conspiring, the gloves are off and the obvious divide in the House between on one side, TBoss and Debie-Rise and on the other side, the rest, Marvis, Efe, Bisola and Bally really came through later on in the day during the Nominations.

No sooner had the brief been announced, the Housemates were told to get ready for a surprise guest, one they had seen "many times before." Bisola, in a moment of prescience said that it was Biggie's Ninjas, and then they laughed. But, Biggie's Ninjas laughed long and hardest after the Housemates were ecitedly waiting all dressed up in the lounge for their surprise guest and then, Biggie said "Housemates... freeze!"

In they came, Biggie's Ninjas and plundered the Housemates luxury items. Nothing was sacred, however, Debie-Rise's guitar survived. Unfortunate for some. She was seen later in the garden strumming her guitar and singing defiantly. Something about "please don't send me home." TBoss was most upset as the Ninjas also took the recently cooked and still hot food that she hadn't eaten yet. 

They didn't have much time to digest their loss as there was still a Head of House title to play for. One that would guarantee the winner a place in the final week of Big Brother Nigeria. The Housemates went through three rounds and finally it was Igwe Bisola with the orange ball. At this point she must have been extremely relieved in the knowlege that she was going to the final in a strong position. She must have also felt a bit relieved that she wouldn't have to save and replace a Housemate after Nominations later. She forgot that it is Extreme Survivor Week. 

TBoss also cried about not winning anything: She does feel sorry for herself a lot, in Efe's mind. Biggie gave the Housemates a gift for winning their Wager, they weren't impressed. TBoss had a few things to say:

The Nominations were brutal, with the divide in the House visible. TBoss and Debie-Rise were Nominated on one side and Efe and Marvis were nominated by TBoss and Debie-Rise who had been discussing the "clique" earlier on. Efe sang  the same tune about them being "manipulative and always play the victim." Every one else said that they were strong competition, all three of them, word for word said almost the same thing. Biggie's new laxing of the conspiracy rule has really born fruit. Debie-Rise and Marvis, interestingly both brought up the comment from Marvis when she said that Debie-Rise had "low self-esteem." Grudges last long. 

Biggie had one more trick up his sleeve as he put the new HoH, Bisola on the spot and made her save and replace someone. She flung her hands in the air and rested them on her forehead, perplexed. After being prompted again to make up her mind she saved Efe and replaced him with a visibly, and later, upset Bally. Biggie also asked the Housemates what they would miss the most if it was taken from them. Very smart Biggie, a Ninja's shopping list for the next Freeze Task.  

With this being the penultimate week in Biggie's House, how will Bisola react to her new position of power in the House. How will the House react to the now obvious divide between TBoss and Efe and Marvis. That battle has been waging since day one, they never liked each other. They are not their kind of people and they are honest about it. How will the rest of the Housemates react as one by one the days pass and their luxury items are taken away from them and who knows what else Biggie has up his sleeve?


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