Day 64: So much for the high life!

27 March 2017
Despite doing a stellar job on last week's productions and winning 100% of their wager our Housemates are in for a rough week.

Up until this point, Biggie has been exceptionally generous and our Housemates have also shown themselves to be tenacious competitiors wagering 100% and winning it nearly every week since the show commenced. However, that all ends this week! Biggie revealed that it's Extreme Survivor Week and he'll be taking away luxuries and privileges every day.

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He also gave a golden eye to the Housemates that they need to present before they'll be allowed to do any shopping. TBoss, who'd made breakfast, was upset by the news and pointed out that there were already no tomatoes left in the House. Everyone else however, seemed completely calm and collected with Bally and Bisola going right back to sleep after Head of House, Efe was done briefing them. Looks like they have no idea what's coming their way.

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Tensions are already running high after Biggie allowed the Housemates to openly conspire from now until the end of the show. It will be interesting to see what transpires once scarcity, discomfort and need get thrown into the mix too. Do you think the Housemates will win their wager again? 

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