Day 64: Biggie’s twist shaking things up?

27 March 2017
The Housemates spent the day discussing Nominations.
TBoss cries

It’s moments away from tonight’s Live Nomination Show and there’s an unsettling mood in the House.

The Housemates sat in two camps in the late afternoon, with Debie-Rise and TBoss in the lounge and Bally, Bisola, Efe and Marvis outside and each camp talked about the other.

Debie-Rise and TBoss talked discussed who they felt was the strongest competitors in the House, as well as predicted who would Nominate who tonight. Nothing strange there, as Biggie introduced a game changer last night, saying they could discuss Nominations.

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The two agreed that the other camp would definitely Nominate both of them tonight. “I think Bally will pick me and Efe.  Marvis will pick me and you. Efee will pick me and you or you and Bally. Bisola will pick me and you. Correct me if I’m wrong. I know Bisola will pick us. What are the chances that Bisola will pick Efe?” she wondered.

TBoss and Debie-Rise have been discussing how there’s a “clique” in the House for a while now, that of Bisola, Marvis, Efe and most recently, Bally and it came as no surprise that they sat and discussed these particular Housemates this afternoon.

TBoss also went on to predict how they would both Nominate. “You will pick Efe and Marvis and I will pick Efe and Marvis,” she said. Debie-Rise agreed, adding that she hoped they would hold hands during the finals.

The conversation quickly moved to a slight hint of depression, as TBoss told Debie-Rise how she was disappointed in herself lately.

“I feel I have disappointed a lot of people. I’m angry,” she said, before bursting into tears.

Debie-Rise tried her best to comfort her. Meanwhile, in the other camp, Bally, Bisola, Efe and Marvis sat outside discussing the fact that TBoss was crying.

Such conversations were not the first today, as Bally, Bisola, Efe and Marvis got together this morning and started discussing openly, which one of them they felt should take the fall tonight.

Biggie’s twist seems to have certainly shaken things up and with Bisola winning Head of House this afternoon, one wonders how things will play out during the Nominations.  


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