Day 62: "Biggie come party with us!" - Housemates

25 March 2017
TBoss makes a daring request to Biggie while getting ready for the party.
Biggie invite 1

The Housemates extended a party invite to Biggie, while getting ready for tonight’s Legend Extra Stout Saturday Night party.

Wouldn’t that be a sight! Seeing Biggie in the flesh. Hmm..We wouldn't count on it Housemates!

Tonight’s party begins shorty and female rapper and deejay, DJ Lambo (DJ Lamborghini) will be on the ones and twos and the Housemates will be dressed in all white, courtesy of our sponsors, Payporte.

34 rsz party dresses 2 004 pre

Extending the invitation was TBoss, who said to Biggie; “Big Brother, I really think you should come out and party with us.”

This was when she, together with Bisola, Bassey, Marvis and Efe were getting ready in the dressing room.  

34 rsz biggie invite 3 004 pre

Bassey played along and imitated Biggies voice saying, “Big Brother will certainly think about it,” and they all burst in laughter.

The Saturday Night Parties are usually one of the highlights of the week and the Housemates are usually more than excited to ‘let their hair down’ and party the night away with the invited deejay. The Housemates decorated the Party Room earlier and we can only wait and see the various dance moves on the dancefloor in a bit.


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