Day 61: Trailers and malaria prevention, all in a day's work.

25 March 2017
The Housemates were hard at work today doing an advert for Malaria prevention.
Winner Bassey

The Housemates were first given a Task to create a script and do a voice-over for their movie trailer. This was not the only Task as soon Biggie got Efe to read out a new Task, the had to create an advert hilighting the repercussions of Malaria if left untreated. They worked hard all day and all suggestions were taken on board, with Efe playing mediator as they had limited time in which to create the advert. 

Their presentation ended in giggles and Bassey even forgot his lines but Biggie said "Housemates, thank you, and well done, as usual." They had acquitted themselves well and they got their brilliant message across. 

Debie-Rise was feeling a bit cold while her and Bassey were cleaning the windows and she asked him for his jearsey. He said sure, but under the proviso that she twerk for it. Ever the extrovert and performer, Debie-Rise twerked for her jersey.

While they were busy with the cleaning, the ever mischievous Biggie told the Housemates to freeze and he sent in his Ninjas to test the Housemates patience and tempers by painting on them and the windows that they had just cleaned. No sooner had they cleaned up the mess the Ninja's caused form the last time the had to freeze then the entire process was repeated again, much to TBoss and Marvis's chagrin. They both had to rush to the taps to clean their glasses and re-clean all the windows that they had already cleaned.


With TTT now gone, it was up to Bassey to step up and see off any challenges to his PayPorte Friday Night Arena Games title. This he duly did with an unbeatable time through Biggie's obstacle course. Marvis, TBoss and Bally were Bassey's nearest competitiors with Efe coming up short again. Bassey was given thirty seconds to choose a Housemate to share his "lottery prize" with and he wasted no time in chosing TBoss. 

After the Arena Games were finished, the Housemates were treated to some surprise treats and they excitedly raided the Store Room when Biggie told them that the "Store Room is now open."They chatted long into the night about important things such as "love at first sight."



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