Day 61: Phamatex’s malaria awareness Task

24 March 2017
Malaria is a scourge that has affected Africa and Nigeria over the years, and now the Housemates must create an advert that tackles this scourge.
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In keeping with the Theme for the week, Big Brother has sent in a Brief with some research materials for the Housemates highlighting the effects of malaria in our communities with emphasis on the effects of malaria if left untreated.

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The Housemates are Tasked to create an advert that not only emphasizes the repercussions of malaria if left untreated, but also focus on the malaria medicine LumapilForte with emphasis on the correct dosage of this medicine as well as the benefits of getting proper and adequate treatments timeously.

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The Housemates quickly got busy bouncing ideas for their advert around with suggestions coming from different Housemates, mindful of the fact that they had to present this advert to Biggie within the next few hours. The key points they had to cover in their advert include the correct dosage of LumapilForte, which is

Day One: One tablet at zero hour and one tablet after eight (8) hours

Day Two: One tablet twice a day

Day Three: One tablet twice a day.

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They also need to factor in the facts that LumapilForte is cost effective and affordable. It is effective for both drug resistant and chloroquine resistant strains of malaria, and its simple dosage regimen, makes it very safe for children and pregnant women. The Housemates will present their advert concept to Big Brother in a few hours so tune in to check out what they have created and share your views below.

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