Day 61: Bassey does it again!

24 March 2017
He reclaimed the PayPorte Friday Night Arena Games champion title.
games 2

Once again, the lion from the rainforest of Cross River State roared, reclaiming the PayPorte Friday Night Arena Games champion title.

Bassey is no stranger to the title, having won a couple of times. Tonight, he breezed through the obstacle courses and recorded a time of 01: 02. The Housemates were vying for a vacant title, since the defending champion ThinTallTony was Evicted on Sunday.

One of the surprises of the night was Debie-Rise, who for the first time, recorded the fastest time among the ladies. She recorded a time of 01:17, placing her in second place. She beat Marvis, who normally records the highest score among the ladies.  

For tonight’s obstacle course, the Housemates had to pick up a ball using one hand, drop it down a pipe and use the same hand to catch it; jump from one block to another; crawl under a net; climb over a net obstacle; climb up and down a slide; climb over and under obstacles and move ping-pong balls along a bar.

34 rsz games 1 004 pre

In third place was Bally, who still managed to do well, even though he was told to restart the course, while he was crawling under the net. He recorded a time of 01:19.

Meanwhile, here’s the full score record:

34 rsz games 17  2  004 pre

At the end of the Games, Biggie congratulated Bassey and asked him to choose one Housemate whom he wanted to share his prize with. He picked TBoss. Biggie promised the two that they would find their prize waiting for them in the House, upon their return and indeed Biggie lived up to his promise. They found bottles of alcoholic beverages upstairs, before Biggie announced that the Store Room was open, with more alcoholic beverages inside, much to their delight.

The Housemates sat upstairs, chatting and enjoying their drinks for the better part of the evening.


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