Day 6: Trick or Treat?

06 July 2019
Bet9ja decided to give the Housemates a treat today, as they prepared for their first Saturday Night Party. Could this be a treat for a job well done, or a trick as a gift for the next Evicted Housemate?

Robes, sweatpants, hoodies, sports bras and shorts are some of the goodies Bet9ja surprised the Pepper Dem gang with in the House today.

Following the Eviction announcement, the Housemates had an emotional outburst; from household fights to selection struggles, the Pepper Dem bunch did not seem to handle the heat well.

Bet9ja seemed to have perceived the tension in the House, which is why he delivered bags of branded luxuries to the Housemates. This birthed a rapid outpour of excitement as they opened up their bags with screams and thrilled cries. Thank you Big Brother for putting a smile on their faces.

While Ike was serving some modelling goals in his outfits, the Housemates teased Nelson about not wearing his’ – of which he replied, “I wear pants for a living”. Okay model, we see you!

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We’re looking forward to the Housemates getting pampered some more in the House. The question is, how much pepper are they willing to give for more treats? We’ll find out.

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