Day 6: Their Wildest Night Yet

06 July 2019
What explains a night filled with alcohol, dance moves, flirting and outfit goals? The Housemates are out to pepper us tonight.

As the second treat from Big Brother today, courtesy of Nigerian Breweries, Picador and Bet9ja - last night was a hit back-to-back as the Pepper Dem gang showed us what it means to bring the heat.

 Here’s how it all went down, buckle up and get ready to experience Pepper Dem's wildest night yet...

Serving Outfit Goals

Being their first Saturday Night Party, the Housemates served some pleasing outfit inspirations. From Mercy to Omashola, Kimoprah to Sir Dee, there was no slowing down with their carefully selected clothing. Which Housemate served the best outfit goals?

We’ll leave you to be the judge of that here:

1562469585 34 girlss

Did Someone Turn Up The Music?

We knew DJ Xclusive would bring the heat to the Saturday Night Party; what we didn’t know was that he wouldn’t have mercy while doing so.

Every song he played created different reactions and screams from the Housemates as they partied hard. From old skool jams to new school hits, the Celebrity DJ got the Pepper Dem gang shaking with excitement. We bet you also grooved as hard as the Housemates.

Trust Legend to come through with the alcohol which also spiced up the night. Thank you, Legend!

1562469722 34 dj

Flirt Much?

Mercy and Ike kept us glued to our screens as they had several flirting and teasing moments during the party. We couldn’t help but smile and nod in agreement while they dished out couple goals. Or not…

Amidst the flirting sessions he had with Mercy, Ike was also caught a few times having some whispering flashes with Tacha. A man is allowed to be confused right? Especially if he’s surrounded by beautiful female Housemates. The question is – which ship is he willing to steer? We’ll find out.

1562470863 34 ikkk

Gbe Body E

What happens when the gbedu dey enter body? The Housemates will have to gbe body, of course!

The Pepper Dem bunch did not fail to give us some dance moves tonight.

Thanks to DJ Xclusive, there was no dull moment on the dancefloor as the Housemates delivered all shades of dance steps to us. From creating memories with the Oppo mobile phones to the strip tease from Tuoyo, to the twerking and the zanku moves, the Saturday Night Party was lit!

If the Pepper Dem gang could give us a great party on their first Saturday, we better get ready for more heated Saturday Night Parties. We're ready!

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