Day 6: Relaxing before the BIG night!

28 January 2017
The Housemates enjoyed an uncharacteristically relaxed morning today.

Biggie was a good a sport this morning as he allowed the Housemates to stay in bed until quite late. They were understandably, tired after being busy with tasks all week. They also spent most of last night competing in yet another task and decorating the party room for tonight's festivies. It was so quiet and peaceful in the hosue that some of our hardcore BB Naija fans pleaded with Biggie to wake the Housemates up by any means necessary!

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Lucky for everyone waiting it wasn't long before the Housemates awoke and started cleaning up. Kemen was fishing "Cheenge" out of the jacuzzi and we asked you all whether you eat them and what you call them in you mother tongue. From Naija to Zambia to Uganda and South Africa it seems they are delicacy accross our continent.

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Biggie fooled around with Housemates making them freeze for minutes on end while they were trying to clean the windows which made for a good laugh but they were just getting started.

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Biggie asked them to play a round of charades and their first order of business was trying to guess which Housemate's name was on their forehead which lead to this hilarious moment.

The Housemates ended off their layed back Saturday morning by tucking in to the delicious "Concoction" that Kemen had whipped up in the kitchen and people watching at home were salivating just watching! 

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