Day 59: “What did you said???”

23 March 2017
With the music video shoot wrapped up, the Housemates gathered for supper and further discussions on their next video projects and slight tensions arose between Bally and Debie-Rise.

The Housemates sat around the dining table for a well deserved meal considering all the energies they had exerted from shooting their music video all afternoon and late into the night. As they wolfed down their supper, they also used this opportunity to discuss the other pending video projects they had ahead of them.

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As they reprised their roles for their viral video shoot and joked about with what each character had to accomplish during the shoot, Bally unwittingly poked a joke at Debie-Rise saying to her “who go marry dis one sef” as a retort to her claiming “I am already married” and this statement from Bally didn’t go down well with Debie-Rise as she took it very personal.

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TBoss chipped in that Bally shouldn’t have said that, to which Bally responded “when she dey do her own, nobody dey complain, so I nor go apologise”. Debie-Rise immediately went into ‘sulk-mode’ and as she went into the kitchen to wash her dishes, the other ladies tried to console her by telling her that she shouldn’t take it too literally or personal with Bally remaining adamant that he would not apologise.

It seemed the Housemates may have put the dinner table issue behind them as they all collectively went through their morning rituals of exercising as a unit in the Garden before delegating the House chores. With Bally and Marvis on breakfast and kitchen duties aptly supported by Ultimate HoH Efe, who also doubled as supervisor checking on all the other Housemates, Bassey continued his new romance with the camera going about shooting random cut away shots to add to the rushes for their music video shoot. We also see a very tired TBoss who chose to sleep in a little longer, though reminded by HoH Efe that she was on bathroom and toilet cleaning duties today.

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Wondering what the Housemates have in store for us today; or are you just curious to see if the tension between Bally and Debie-Rise will continue or is squashed? Whatever that outcome is, we are sure there will always be drama and snide comments to rue in the BBNaija House. So, feel free to share your comments below and also on all our social media handles.

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