Day 59: Getting down to business

22 March 2017
After many hours of planning it's time for our Housemates to put all their ideas in action!

It's been a long journey leading up to this moment but all their preparation is finally paying off. Bisola took charge as assistant director staging the first shot of the evening in the garden. It featured TBoss, decked out in the colours of the Nigerian flag and Bassey and Efe playing football in the background. They were barely done with the take when the doorbell rang and they all rushed to see who was there to visit. The DNA Twins came through the doors and everyone was delighted to see them again.

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Making sure to take full advantage of the little daylight remaining they immediately got to work shooting all the twins' cameos. Our celebrity guests were both quite gracious too, making sure that the Housemates remained the focus of the music video in very shot. First they flanked Efe as he dropped his rap verse then danced alongside Marvis as she delivered her own bars. Before long the buzzer sounded and it was time for the twins to say their goodbye's.

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TBoss got more camera action as she continued to play the role of the Nigerian beauty while Bassey and Bally danced alongside her singing the words to the song. The chemistry was palpable. Debie-Rise and Bisola then got their moments in the limelight before eveyone rushed to the kitchen to recharge their batteries and take a much needed break.

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Next, everyone moved to the Arena where the Housemates started setting up for another scene. I was clear only a few scenes in that they had long night ahead of them and some of them were already dreading the shoots they'll have to do tomorrow for the viral video and short film. Working in production is no joke! Do you think the Housemates have done a good enough job so far to win their wager?

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