Day 59: See Gobbe music video shoot. Take One

22 March 2017
Housemates receive their requested supplies as Biggie gives them the go-ahead to shoot the music video for their song.

The mood in the House has been upbeat all day as the housemates blitzed through their morning workout and got around to cleaning the House. With the house cleaned satisfactorily to their taste, some of the Housemates decided to take a short nap while the others sat around for some small talk involving some of the ex-Housemates.

Dressed up and ready for the day, all the Housemates decided to go over the synopsis of their shoot once again and while they sat around deliberating on the shots and which angles to use, they all seemed pleasantly shocked to hear their own voices coming through on the PA system.

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The See Gobbe track they had recorded just two days ago by legendary producer Don Jazzy when he visited the House was blaring over the speakers and the Housemates had two separate responses to the track. They first all sat down with their heads bowed listening to every inflection from the song; at the end of the song, they all got up to hug and congratulate each other on such a sterling job before sending shout outs to Biggie and Don Jazzy.  

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By the second play of the track, they all got up and started dancing to their own songs and it was evident that the catchy tunes had them all encapsulated in its magical notes and lyrics. With Biggie calling HoH Efe and the appointed DOP Bassey into the Diary Room to explain their video concept properly, the Housemates realized the time for their shoot was nigh and they all had to bring their A-Game.

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And true to fact, Biggie sent in a Brief informing the Housemates that it was time for them to bring their creativity and concepts to life. Biggie also informed the Housemates that there was a box in the Store Room filled with all the props they would require to shoot their musical video, and with that, they all got busy helping each other get dressed.

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It will take a few hours to shoot this musical masterpiece and if the song is anything to go by, then your guess is as good as ours that the Housemates will deliver another great performance…on camera.

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