Day 59: Nursing Grudges

28 August 2019
Unsettled grudges, business ideas and soothing hands, It's just another day in the Pepper Dem House.

Away from combating malaria, Frodd still nursed grudges. One with Ike for Saving Omashola instead of him and another with Elozonam. Although he settled with Ike, It wasn't going to be that easy settling with Elozonam. 

Let The Hurt Go

Ever since Elozonam Saved Venita and put Frodd up for Eviction, there has been growing tension between the two. Which is quite understandable. Hardly will anyone be cool with that one person that tried kicking them out of contention for the grand prize. Although Frodd escaped Eviction, he wasn’t letting go of that grudge anytime soon and it didn’t help that he is once again back on the Nomination List. Some luck he has! An attempt by Diane to broker peace didn’t seem to yield any positive result as Frodd told Esther he wasn’t ready to talk to him. We wonder how long he will keep this grudge for.

Let’s Share Business Ideas

If they were going to be in the House for as long as they possibly can, they might as well share meaningful connections and business ideas. That was exactly what the Pepper Dem Gang did. From Mercy’s beauty and cosmetic idea to Sir Dee’s plan to turn his city to a business hub, the Pepper Dem Gang listed out carefully thought out business plans.

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Soothing Hands

It was only just a few weeks ago that Nelson healing hands brought comfort and relief to the Housemates and now, Frodd has taken up that task wholeheartedly. Coincidentally, his client was Esther, Nelson’s close ‘buddy’. We are not sure Frodd will expand his clientele to other Housemates, but as long as Esther is his one and only client, he might be content. Frodd wasn’t the only one delivering satisfaction with his hands, Ike was also massaging spots on Mercy’s back that her hands couldn’t reach. Well done guys, we see what your hands are doing.

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