Day 57: Don Jazzy and DNA Twins for Song Task

20 March 2017
The Housemates scream in disbelief as the guests walk through the front door.
DNA and Don Jazzy 10

Straight after delivering a sizzling performance on the Big Brother stage last night, the DNA Twins headed for the House to help the Housemates with their Song Task.

The Housemates burst out screaming with excitement when they heard this when new HoH Efe read the Task brief. Bassey even stood up and did an air punch.  

The DNA Twins were not ‘flying solo’, as music producer, singer and songwriter Don Jazzy joined them, much to the Housemates’ excitement. Bisola and Efe stood on the couches and watched in disbelief while the other Housemates, who were equally excited, screamed when he walked in.  

34 rsz dna and don jazzy 3 004 pre

This weeks’ theme is “Nigerian Entertainment Week” and what better way to start it off than to have a music icon such as Don Jazzy and ‘fresh’ artists, such as the DNA Twins to help the Housemates with their song.

The guests were in the House to help inspire the Housemates and guide them in the making of the song. The Housemates composed a song during the music week a few weeks ago and this weeks’ Task is basically to transform this song into a Nigerian hit.

Efe had informed the Housemates earlier that for this week’s Task, they were required to compose a song, shoot the song’s music video, as well as make a short film.

“It will be a busy week, so be prepared,” read the brief from Biggie.

Biggie then played the Housemates a video clip of DNA Twins’ performance on stage during last night’s Live Eviction Show.

Immediately after entering the House, the guests were shown around, as customary when a visitor pops in. Don Jazzy joked, saying he had actually come to sleep in the House. They all laughed.

34 rsz dna and don jazzy 6 004 pre

Getting down to ‘business’, the DNA Twins told the Housemates their music career launched after entering a talent search competitions, Glo X-Factor and The Voice Nigeria, adding that there’s always an opportunity in competitions such as these ones, as well as Big Brother.

“This (Big Brother) is a huge platform. You must have a plan in mind,” they said.

The Housemates haven’t had a visitor in over a week and today’s guests were a real treat for them, especially since the visitors stayed a little longer than any other visitor and helped them with their Song Task.


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