Day 57: An ultimately satisfactory day.

21 March 2017
It began with Bisola's silent lament and ended with Efe's revenge.

It began with Bisola's silent lament and ended with Efe's revenge as he finally found out what the title, Ultimate Head of House actually meant. He based his findings purely on logistics and, of course, sentiment. His loyalty he has to his fiercest competition is admirable and he proved as such again when he didn't pick Bisola, again. More about that later, it was an eventful day. 

The day picked up in tempo as the Housemates were charged up by an extended visit by Don Jazzy and the recent conquerors of Biggie's stage, the DNA Twins. Don Jazzy quickly settled in and reveled that he was "just here to sleep" before prostrating his body across the couch to the delight of the Housemates. They chatted with Don Jazzy about his new sensations, the DNA Twins and he dished out a lot of advice in response to the various Housemates industry specific questions. 

They were allowed more time in the House when Biggie announced "Don Jazzy, your wish has been granted" to whoops of delight from the enthused Housemates. Debie-Rise, true to type confronted Don Jazzy with her guitar and rhymes while TBoss watched on like a bunny in headlights, starstruck by the sheer presence of Don Jazzy. The Housemates were then given a Task to record a song and shoot a music video and Don Jazzy and the DNA Twins were going to help them.

The Housemates chose to do a medley of their songs "SeeGobbe" and "Omo, You Too Fine Oh." During a break, Bisola and the Housemates reminisced about "Who kissed who" with Bally having kissed all of the girls, "You kissed CoCo, Uriel..." running through an impressive list of names for the silent, bearded and only now Nominated, Bally. 

Soon they were back in the Lounge as it became Don Jazzy's recording studio for a while as each Housemate added their part. Bisola's crystal clear voice soccato'ed by Efe and Marvis' rhymes were ably harmonised and assisted by Bassey. TBoss even weighed in with a game "SeeGobbe'd" effort.

It was then time for the Live Nomination Show, or, Efe's Revenge. He found out what he had to do as the Ultimate Head of House. He had the "special privilege" of Nominating the Housemates up for possible Eviction this Sunday and that there would be no save and replace. Biggie gave the Housemates 60 seconds to pitch to Efe, the Ultimatre Head of House. Marvis told him that she was his "Big Brother wife. I have been consistant in my realness." TBoss, on the other hand, tried her hardest to sound sincere when she reminded him that he was, in actual fact, nine years her junior.

Efe was then called in to the Diary Room to reveal his Nominated four and why he chose them. He based his choices on sentiment and logistics. He chose TBoss and Debie-Rise because he sadi they were both "extremely manipulative" and Bassey because "don't hate the player, hate the game," and he chose Bally because he hadn't been Nominated yet.

Biggie quizzed them on the visit of Don Jazzy and the DNA Twins and they felt humbled because he "was such a human being." TBoss was starstruck as Debie-Rise was in shock - he was "extremely magnificent." Biggie also wanted to know who the Housemates would have Nominated if they had been Ultimate Head of House with Bisola being mentioned three times. Are people starting to realise now that she is a threat? Debie-Rise and Bassey, not content with one song decided to compose another song.

Will today's explosive events change the course of Efe's game? Will his decisions come back to haunt him? Why does he refuse to vote for his nearest rival, Bisola? Is his loyalty going to hurt him as we get to the final stage of this fascinating season of Big Brother Naija.   


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