Day 57: Four Housemates hanging by a thread

20 March 2017
As the HoH that he is Efe revealed his loyalist streak, rewarding those whose allegiance has been tested and proved: Marvis and Bisola. Everybody else can go through the Eviction doors.

Biggie granted the Ultimate Head of House Efe the special privilege to nominate all Housemates up for eviction.

With the the fate of all Housemates resting on his shoulders, Efe listened through their pitches and pleas and made his choice.

This is what Housemates had to say for themselves:


Marvis: I’m your Big Brother Wife, why nominate me? I have been consistent in my originality since the start.


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Bisola: I have always sought out your advices for they are true; Na beg adi beg keep me safe this week; let’s get to the final together.


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Bally: We have grown to know each other, we share similar thoughts as if we share the same kidney. 


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Bassey: We agree to disagree even though at times we see it in our eyes that we want to beat each other but we work hand in hand in truthfulness.


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Debi-Rise: I want to make things right this time around. I am respectful and humble and carry everybody along. 


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TBoss: One of the first thing you said to me is I don’t get along with light skinned girls and I’m glad I was able to change your mind.


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Better to be feared than loved, na so?  


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