Day 56: Week 8 Roundup

19 March 2017
It was a week of surprise Nominations, a cat fight and lots of team work.
week 3

The week started off with an intense round of Nominations, as the Housemates had been on a Nominations “holiday” the previous week.

With Debie-Rise, Efe, TBoss and ThinTallTony up for Eviction today, the House has had its ups and downs, beginning with the fight between Bisola and TBoss on Monday. TBoss made an unsavoury comment about the way Bisola prepared French toast and it all went downhill from there. The two later mended fences.

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Then it was the Alphabet Soup Task where Biggie ‘picked the Housemates’ brains’ and ThinTallTony and Debie-Rise proved to have the sharpest memories and were declared the winners.

There were Secret Tasks, as well as eating slabs of frozen chocolate, as well as creating posters in pairs. Their artworks had to highlight the plight of the homeless, underprivileged or any other marginalized group.

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There seemed to be a lot of group work this week, as they were once again split into two groups of ladies and guys and the ladies had questions posed to the guys, trying to find the one who would answer in the best possible way. This was the Real Man Challenge, where ThinTallTony emerged as the winner.

The weekend was a mixture of the PayPorte Friday Night Games, which ThinTallTony won, as well as the Legend Extra Stout Party.

Sunday was a more relaxed day for the Housemates, as the Nominated Housemates had their hair done and packed their bags, in readiness for the show.     

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