Day 56: Through the eyes of the Housemates

19 March 2017
Over half of them see it as a stage, where they can display their talent.
Housemates collage

Lights, camera, action!

That is probably how over half of the remaining Housemates view the Big Brother House. It is only natural for Bassey, Bisola, Efe, Debie-Rise and ThinTallTony to see the House as a stage to showcase their talent, them being aspiring performers, if not already doing it professionally.

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Bisola would sing, while Efe rapped to Debie-Rise’s rhythm on her guitar. This has been the trend, dating back to as far as the first few weeks in the competition. For these Housemates, the House seems more of a platform to showcase their talent.  

Just this week, Bassey, Bisola and Debie-Rise got the surprise of their life when they heard a loud round of applause from the intercom system at the end of the song they sang round about bedtime.

Bassey would lead the midnight radio sessions, him being exposed to radio and all. The Housemates would normally sit and Bassey interviewed each participating Housemate, with the melody of Debie-Rise’s guitar playing in the background.

Being a professional dancer/choreographer, ThinTallTony got to showcase his talent during the weekly Tasks that require some form of choreography, such as the musicals that Biggie normally asks them to prepare. We have also seen him ‘own’ the Party Room dancefloor during the Saturday Night Parties. He and Debie-Rise literally take over the dance floor during these parties.  

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Meanwhile, for TBoss, it seems to be more of a fashion runway, as she’s mostly talked about her clothes and the various places around the world where she bought them. She’s also been seen wearing her tiara a couple of times.

For Marvis on the other hand, well, the girl enjoys her food so the House could be like a restaurant with various menus available. Bally is the one Housemate to watch out for because he seems to be lying low so far. You never really know what move he might make.  


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