Day 56: Pre Eviction Confessions

25 August 2019
The Cruisetopia Team and Frodd are up for possible Eviction today and they talk about how this affects them.

On Eviction day, the Nominated Housemates are cast into a mood that reflects the fear they feel about what’s to come. The Icons with Frodd tell Biggie what’s on their mind in the Diary Room a few hours before the Eviction.

A Change In Strategy Perhaps?

“If you survive tonight, will you change how you play the game?”

This was one of the questions that Big Brother asked the Nominated Housemates. While most of them said they will continue with the way they have been playing the game, Gedoni and Diane had responded differently. Gedoni told Big Brother that if he survives tonight, he will be making a lot of changes in his game plan. According to Gedoni, he will be shuffling a lot of friends in his circle. Diane, on the other hand, said she will be more strategic.

How Prepared Are You?

No matter how hard they try to put up a bold front, facing Eviction is not an easy thing and the Housemates feel the heat whenever Eviction time draws near. In Gedoni’s words, “I don’t know if I am prepared.” Mercy, Diane and Frodd also said they are not ready for tonight but one thing they all agree on is that they are hopeful. Well, that’s all they can be right now because no matter how much they worry, they can’t do anything about who will go home.

No Regrets

Getting an opportunity to be in the Big Brother Naija House is an experience that should be cherished and the Housemates talk about theirs. For Mike, the House has been a roller coaster and the experience, hilarious and exhilarating. He wasn’t the only Housemate who felt that way as Seyi, Mercy, Diane and Jackye also confirmed this in the Diary Room. Simply put, there are no regrets from them and every day they had spent in the Pepper Dem will be treasured.

The Live Eviction Show will happen in a bit and we are ready for the tension and drama that will accompany it. Are you?

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