Day 56: Eviction anxieties

19 March 2017
TBoss and Debie-Rise discuss possible Eviction while getting their hair done.
HMs collage

The realisation of possible Eviction started creeping in on the Nominated Housemates, as they went about packing and getting their hair done today.

Efe, Debie-Rise, TBoss and ThinTallTony are up for possible Eviction. The Housemates have had a breather, in terms of Evictions, as there was no Eviction last week. This could be the reason why some were feeling a little nervous today. 

Debie-Rise was up and already packing immediately after the Housemates woke up. She was upstairs alone for a while before Bisola came in. Meanwhile, Efe and ThinTallTony were still dozing off in bed. They eventually woke up and both sat on their beds in silence, with Efe reading something from a piece of paper.

As soon as the hairstylists arrived, Debie-Rise and ThinTallTony sat on the chairs and had their hair done. For ThinTallTony, it was a hair trim and shave, and Debie-Rise had her hair braided in neat cornrows.

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TBoss was up next and she had her hair braided into the latest box braids. She and Debie-Rise had a little girl talk while getting their hair done. They discussed future plans and touched a little bit about tonight’s Eviction, citing a little anxiety. TBoss noted that she was only worried about the other Housemates they are up against.

Meanwhile, it took a while for Efe to sit on the stylists’ chair, as he was busy making breakfast in the kitchen. He too had his hair trimmed. It was then time for their weekly shopping, courtesy of PayPorte, and with the Wager won, they went all out selecting the items they liked.

34 rsz shopping 004 pre

The guys had their bags packed too and it was until the late afternoon that TBoss started packing her bags. “I hate packing,” she said.

Wondering who is leaving tonight? We can only wait until 19:00 WAT to find out who’s journey will come to an end.


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