Day 56: End of the Thin red line for Tony

20 March 2017
The day started off slow but it sure gathered momentum until the Tall one was Evicted and oh, did Bisola sob.

The day started off slow but it sure gathered momentum until the Tall one was Evicted and oh, did Bisola sob. Debie-Rise started packing very early after waking up. She was obviously expecting the worst . Efe and TTT were a lot more relaxed as they both got up late. Just another day in Biggie's Paradise, no pressure. 

They all had their hair done and TBoss was talking to Debie-Rise about not being ready to get married just yet. She said that she had a "personal project" she was busy with and there was no room for anyone in her life. Although, she did say that she could get engaged. She then said the following, which is optimistic: I'd like to get married by my next birthday" adding "uh, it's so long."

She has a "personal project" that she doesn't want anyone to interfere with, least of all, a husband, but she wants to be married by her next birthday. She is obviously a hard worker and very organised as she has set herself a rather tight deadline for the achievement of her goals. All of the celebrities have advised the Housemates to keep their eyes on the prize. Earlier, though, when she was packing, she showed how nervous she was when she sighed "I hate packing" you could see her tension pouring out of her.  

During the Diary Sessions it was obvious that Efe and Debie-Rise have differing opinions on her guitar. She spoke of "repectfullness" and "talent," he spoke of "irritating." We suppose that they won't be swopping cell phone numbers after the show? TBoss said that she wanted to be more selfish if she was to do it all again. TTT proved himself to be human, after all as he incorrectly said that he thought that Efe was going home. Careful what you wished for, ThinTallTony. Something did happen to Efe later, but it wasn't Eviction

All too soon, irt was time for the Live Show and boy, did Biggie deliver? That's a yes from us. Ebuka looked amazing in his Vodi Group threads and Reekado Banks and the irrepressible DNA Twins set the stage on fire, having the crowds whooping with joy. One by one, TBoss, Efe and Debie-Rise were all told they were safe untill the last ThinTall one standing was Tony, the Dance King who was the only one to exit the exit door to Bisola's great distress. Bisola was inconsolable as she wept openly, visibly upset that her main ally and obvious crush was the seventh Housemate real Evicted from the show. Jon and Ese do not count as Evictions as they were Fake Housemates.   

While Bisola was crying her broken heart out, TTT was telling Ebuka that it was "all an act." Tell that to Bisola's now miserable heart. Once the tall one was gone, the Housemates were told to go into the Arena where they were greeted by a sea of balloons. In  some of the balloons were letters which they had to spell out the words, "Head of House." Debie-Rise came so close but she could find her final "d" in time as Efe finally won his Igwe crown back. This Head of House was indeed special as Ebuka informed them that this was the Ultimate Head of House and it would be revealed on Monday night what that entailed. What does Biggie have up his sleeve for the Ultimate HoH this week?


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