Day 55: The Fashion Police

24 March 2018
The Housemates don't only depend on their dramatic outbursts, their fashion sense also speak volumes about them.

Besides all the dramatic spurts, backstabbing and romance, fashion is just another way for the Housemates to express themselves and let their personalities shine through. While other Housemates may care less about what they’re wearing, some really own it.

Who Wore It Better?

Conservative Bambam hasn’t shown much of herself and although having had her bread buttered because of her desirable shape and curves in all the right places, her fashion sense seems to align with her very shadowed personality. Not too simple yet not too interesting. However, she definitely comes to play when wearing her sponsored party outfits. Similarly, Nina isn’t very expressive when it come to her fashion sense. Just as she is on the daily, her fashion sense is but when it comes to dramatic makeup and hair, she holds her own.

Cee-C is by far one of the most controversial of Housemates and her antagonist role in the House kind of shines through in the way she presents herself. Just like Bambam, her clothes don’t call much attention but when hanging perfectly on her hourglass frame, can definitely cause a bit of traffic and a few accidents. When spotting sponsored outfits, we’re certain that envy and lust is sparked amongst the other Housemates. Alex on the other hand seems to have an outfit for every single day of the week. Thanks to her youthful shape and six-part chiselled tummy, she gets away with the fashionable skimpy outfits that she spots on the daily.

The Less, The Better

The men on the other hand have been playing it rather safe, so much so that their potential can only be measured when they decide to grace us shirtless. Tobi and Miracle’s bromance is further emphasised by their similar and on par fashion sense. Jeans that hang just the right way and t-shirts that highlight their perfectly chiselled chests. Metro-man Teddy A also does justice to his perfectly fitted clothing while living meme Rico Swavey’s laid back and unique fashion sense remind us just why he deserves the versatility award. Lolu on the other hand has a wardrobe the perfectly fits his personality; learned, formal and comfortably under par.

If you haven’t noticed it before, it’s worth taking note that although the Housemates might not necessarily pay much attention to their clothing, their personalities are highlighted by them. Do you share the same sentiments?

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