Day 55: Life of the party: Debie-Rise vs TTT

18 March 2017
From the Denim Party to last weekend’s dress up party, the two have literally ‘come to the party’.
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With the Legend Extra Stout Saturday Night Party later this evening, it all comes down to two Housemates to light up the dancefloor.

And who might these Housemates be, you may wonder? Well, it’s none other than ThinTallTony and Debie-Rise.

Their “usual partners”: Bisola and Bassey and in as much as these two can also “hold their won”, they don’t quite come close to the “King” and “Queen” of the dancefloor.

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Week after week, ThinTallTony and Debie-Rise have literally taken over the dancefloor with their dance moves, from the Shoki to Azonto and Galala.

With a towering body structure and bold nature, it comes as no surprise that ThinTallTony would dominate on the dancefloor. We saw him owning the dancefloor a few weeks ago during the Denim Party, and most recently, the live jazz band party with the Saxokay Friends and Fans Jazz Band. This was the same day Efe celebrated his birthday and while he too danced like there was no tomorrow, he was no match for ThinTallTony.

Debie-Rise, on the other hand, is more of an introvert, just drifting along the week in the House. Come Saturday night, bam! Out comes a different side to her! We have seen her really “come to the party” during the same live jazz band party. Dressed in a micro-mini turquoise short set, Debie-Rise was all over the dancefloor, displaying amazing dance moves. We saw her again last weekend, during the dress up party with DJ Neptune, where she and partner-in-crime Bassey took over the dancefloor.

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The party is a few hours away. Tonight, DJ CK, the Crowd Kontroller will be manning the decks. We wonder what interesting dance moves we will see tonight. Do tune into DStv and GOtv to catch all the action.    


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