Day 54: Tipping the scales.

18 March 2017
The House was remarkably quiet today as the Housemates figure out how to save their Wager.
Week 7 Friday Night games 5

The Housemates appear low on energy as the House gets emptier and the days longer. During their Task this morning, the losing team of Efe, Bally and Bassey questioned TBoss and Bisola's impartiality as they expected ThinTallTony to win as they were part of the panel.


ThinTallTony was in troubole with Bisola, as he passed wind when she jumped on his back and he quipped that it was her weight that made him do it. She was not too impressed but they soon joked about it and even roped in Bally and had a good laugh about the supposed "love triangle" between Bisola, ThinTallTony and Bisola. 

With everyone resting, Debie-Rise used the down-time to teach Bassey some guitar. He did well and felt he had the basics down but also complained of a sore wrist.

There was also the matter of the Random Act of Kindness Task, with TBoss being the lucky recipient of some close attention from Bassey, as he had to brush her teeth, comb her hair, apply body lotion and he also had to give her a body massage. TTT whiled away more time by sketching, starting off with Bassey's face and then he moved onto sketching Efe.


It was then time for the PayPorte Friday Night Arena Games, with the Housemates having to negotiate another one of Biggie's difficult obstacle course. TBoss began and set a brilliant time as, once again she posted a competitive time. TTT cut it fine, beating her time by one second with a time of 01:43. Bassey struggled with the first puzzle and relinquished his crown. Marvis came close with another great showing, but she was impressive in her "Grand Slam Finish."

Bally's time of 02:09 didn't come close and he made way for Bisola to do her best but all she did was give Biggie's Ninjas more work to do by having to pick up all the ping pong balls she used. Efe was the last one up and he did brilliantly until the last challenge, the ping pong balls into the bowl of water. Last week's loser became this week's winner again. He chose Efe to accompany him on the Lottery Prize and Biggie wasn't finished there, he let the ecstatic Housemates know that they had won the Wager. 

There were mixed reactions from the Arena Games though, as Bisola and TBoss had their own private moments to deal with their performances at the games. Bisola needed some consolation and words of endearment from TTT to get her out of the doldrums, while TBoss sat alone in the garden muttering "one second, one second" under her breathe.

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