Day 54: Meet Mai Atafo.

17 March 2017
We caught up with the genius behind Ebuka's dapper suits, Nigerian designer, Mai Atafo.
Mai Atafo

We caught up with Ebuka's designer, Mai Atafo and asked him a couple of questions about his brand and what his plans were for teh future. Here's what he had to say. 

You were very successful in the corporate world, what made you leave it and pursue a career in fashion?

I have always had a burning passion and love for clothes, from wearing them to appreciating them on others. I guess this gradually grew into me making them for fun, friends and family. At a point I felt I had to give it a shot and the rest, as they say is history. It was never a calculated plan, it was more emotional than anything else.

Your designs are seen on our presenter, Ebuka; how has this visibility on your brand through your involvement with Big Brother helped you?

The visibility is amazing with millions of Nigerians and Africans seeing my designs every other Sunday, not the mention the number of direct enquiries and orders I get from social media alone. It is definitely worth it.

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As a bespoke tailor, you are certified by the Savile Row Training Academy, how has that helped your brand?

I believe it has made my brand more respected both in Nigeria and internationally and shown that we strive for perfection in anything we do. And, more than anything enable craft well tailored bespoke suit for our clients.

Are you looking at expanding the tailoring and wedding side of the business? Are there any new avenues you plan on going down to expand your business?

Yes I am sure looking at ready to wear, made to measure and expanding to other African countries. We also intend to also venture into online, which is a big win in the fashion space in African now.

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 What next for your brand?

Another bridal collection, Summer menswear collection and loads of fashion media.

Thank you Mai Atafo, we enjoy seeing your creations on Ebuka. Tune in this Sunday to see which of your favourite Housemates are going home. 

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