Day 53: What’s Your Mantra?

22 August 2019
Imagine going through life without a personal mantra to motivate and inspire you?

In life, almost everyone has a motto that they live by and the Pepper Dem Gang are not excluded. Some of the Housemates talked to Big Brother about their mantra in the Diary Room and we picked up quite a few.


This simple and easy spoken Housemate revealed to Big Brother her slogan which is “every disappointment is a blessing in disguise”. Who will blame Cindy for adopting this motto? Considering what people go through in this continent on a daily basis, one can only look for a blessing in every setback.


This Pepper Dem Housemate told Biggie that her motto which she uses to remind herself constantly in the House is “I never lose, either I win or I learn.” She also added another to the list “expectation is a killer of joy, so expect nothing from nobody.” Well spoken, Jackye.


“If you look good, you tend to walk in added steps” says the man who exude confidence in everything he does. Mike told Biggie he had several personal catch phrases he abides by but gave the impression that the above mentioned was his favourite. If Mike bottles his confidence as a cologne, it will be out of stock in minutes. Don’t you agree?


Trust this Big Brother Naija Housemate to go indigenous us. Omashola disclosed to Big Brother that his sacred text is “Ogoro no get reverse.” Don’t be confused as there’s a translation. According to the Warri brother, Ogoro means ‘frog’ and a frog never hops backward so, for Omashola, it’s all about going forward in life. Hmm, who is with him on this one?


For Tacha, the phrase that’s always on repeat in her mind is “Success is a must.” What more can we say? Maybe we can borrow a leaf from her mantra trees. After all, if we no succeed for this life, wetin we gain🎵

Having read these Housemates personal mottos, which one will you adopt?

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