Day 53: Focused and having fun!

16 March 2017
For the first time this week the Housemates are focused not on Eviction, but winning their wager.

Everyone was up bright and early this morning and on HoH Bassey's insistence, they headed out to the front yard to begin rehearsing their presentation for tonight. After his heated argument with Debie-Rise about the creative direction of the presentantion, it was good to see everyone listening and following instruction as the whole thing took shape. By the end of their reheasal they were already focusing on more nuanced details like three part harmonies and polishing their individual monologues though some Housemates seem more prepared than others.

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Having conquered something that had been a source of much conflict and debate our Housemates shuffled indoors with lots of excited, screams and crazy antics following. Bassey went around giving everyone hickies on their arms which didn't seem to bother the ladies much. TTT tried to do the same with TBoss who giggled before swatting him away. 

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Debie-Rise donned her now infamous, faux-Indian accent and went around the House terrorising everyone and bestowing her chosen last name, "Rise" on all of them! Bisola, who was busy with breakfast seemed slightly annoyed with her as she screamed "Bisola-Rise you have a big *ss! It too will rise."

"Bassey!" She yelled grabbing her next victim from behind and placing her hands on his chest, "I can feel your nipples rising and as they rise so do mine!". All our HoH could do was let out an exasperated "What are you doing?" and laugh.

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Bisola and TTT then made breakfast and everyone tucked in to the burger patties they'd made. (No french toast today) and Marvis complemented them for the "delicous" meal once everyone was done tucking in.

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With a new day comes new challenges! Will they leave out Housemates shook or bring them even closer together as they fight to win their wager. Keep watching to find out.

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