Day 52: Tit for tat or nah?

15 March 2017
There's been lots of heated debate about this week's Nomination but what really drove Marvis to put Debie-Rise up for Eviction?

After a week long honeymoon the Housemates were back in the hot seat to deliver their Nominations. It was revealed at the end that Bally, TBoss and ThinTallTony were up for Eviction. The latter two had already been Nominated earlier in the show but Bally came as a bit of a shock considering that he was voted one of the most popular Housemates last week. HoH Bassey then decided to swap him and Efe before Marvis seemingly retaliated by using her power card to add his BFF, Debie-Rise. Considering how close Marfe are it seems like a pretty clear case of tit for tat right? Well, not quite. Let's consider a few other possibilties.

Pre-empting a double Eviction

Given Biggie's knack for twists and tricks it's possible that Marvis wanted to avoid a situation where one or both of her best mates (TTT and Efe) went home. If there were to be a double Eviction and only three Nominees it wouldn't matter how many votes either one of them got At least one of them would be voted out. "Based on logistics" (or rather, statistics) throwing Debie-Rise (or anyone esle) into the mix reduces the probability of Eviction for all parties involved.

Flat out of options

This is the more likely reason considering it's one that Marvis stated in her session. The only options left for her to choose from were Bally, Bisola and Debie-Rise. To add to this she seemed to be under the impression that she couldn't reNominated Bally which left only Bisola and Debie-Rise so she went with the Housemate she shares a closer bond with. That said there's still another possibility

A clever play

Debie-Rise reiterated in her Diary Session that there's a clique in the House who do everything together and cut out all the other Housemates. This is not a new allegation and it's something TBoss also alleged in a conversation of theirs a few weeks ago. If any of this is to be believed, Marvis might have been trying to make sure TBoss and/or Debie-Rise get Evicted which would eliminate the competition and guarantee "the clique" a spot in the final.

Understandably, this is the most farfetched of all the possibilities or is it? We want to know what you think in the comments below.

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