Day 50: Bassey's your new Head of House

13 March 2017
In the interest of fairness and considering how high the stakes were Biggie's game was one of chance!

Biggie called the Housemates into the Lounge to fill them in on the details of the Task. They seemed a little taken aback, particularly Efe who was still faffing half naked. Biggie called him to order and told him to "get dressed immediately" which elicited a few giggles from his peers. Biggie then brought one of his Ninja's into the House carrying with him, a hat full of numbers. The Housemates had to draw numbers from the hat which would dictate the order in which they'd take turns completing.

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Biggie then asked them to head to the Arena where they found a large table with several cups placed upside down. Underneath each cup was a stone. A blue stone granted victory and the title of Head of House. A white stone meant immediate disqualification and a clear stone gave the Housemates another shot to continue in the game.

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Right from the get go, TTT picked a white stone and lost his title as Head of House after a two week winning streak. The Ninjas then shuffled the cups around before the Housemates had another go and this time Bassey picked the lucky, blue stone becoming HoH for the first time ever!

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He thanked everyone during his coronation and noted that holding the staff "felt really great"! He also joked that he was going to call for meetings VERY regularly just to get on everyone's nerves. What do you think of Bassey's winning streak lately? Let us know in the comments below.

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