Day 50: And the wind cried, Mary

14 March 2017
It was a tumultuous day that will have far reaching consequences later on in the game. There's a new power group in charge. Are they led by Bassey?

The first point of order for the day was the HoH challenge qand it was to see the start of a tumultuous and game-changing day. At the start of the day, Igwe Tony was the man reading the brief, He had recently had his run of success in the House halted by Bassey in the PayPortre Friday Night Arena Games and this morning's titanic battle for position in the House for at least one more week did not disappoint. As he had on Friday night, Bassey won Biggie's weekly game of chance as he picked the blue stone and held it aloft triumphantly, signalling a change in teh balance of power as Bassey claimed Head of House. Uriel would have loved it as she certainly loved a man in power and if that man's name was Bassey, all the better. 

The theme of the week was, "Random Acts of Kindness" and Biggie gave Igwe a totem named MAry and soon the Housemate holding Mary had to do a Random Act of Kindness for their fellow Housemate. Bally, in a remarkable moment of forethought approached Bally and made an impassioned plea to Bassey to Save and Replace him should he be Nominated later. He said that that would be a Random Act of Kindness as the man who had never been Nominated had a sense of forboding about the Nominations later. 

As if by magic, Bally's name did come up later in the Nominations along with TBoss and unsurprisingly, ThinTallTony. Ebuka called the Housemates to order in the Lounge and asked the three to stand up. Head of House, Bassey then chose to exercise his right to save Bally and he replaced him with a visibly shaken Efe, who stood up reluctantly as Bally heaved a sigh of relief as his ploy had worked. This is set to be a good test for Efe as he does not seem to be too aware of how popular he actually is. 

As is always, with Biggie, Ebuka signalled that there was one more twist. Marvis was told to stand and told that she would be able to use her Power Card to choose any Housemate to be up for Nomination. She wasted no time in throwing a visibly shaken Debie-Rise into the Nomination frey and she buried her head in her hand in disbelief.

The reasction was mixed as TBoss went straight to sleep, Tony couldn't eat and Debie-Rise cried on Bassey's shoulder. With the relative bliss and calm of last weeks Wedding and no Evictions, the Housemates now knew that the game had changed and they all had their eye on the prize. Tony wasted no time in asking for Vites. Bally celebrated with his new boo, Bisola and they all tried their best to cheer up Debie-Rise who was the most affected by the evening's events. 

Debie-Rise and TBoss were also wondering why earlier, as part of the Random Acts of Kindness Task that they had to give up some of their favourite items and have them locked up inteh Storeroom. They surmised that it would be returned soon as part of the Wager. TBoss then opened up about her trust issues and said that it was hard for her to take a compliment. Later, Bally quizzed Marvis over her Power Card and asked her what it was and how it worked. 

What a day, it certainly signalled a new Igwe in town as Bally also benefitted. This left the old guard vulnerable as two of their main proponents, TTT and Efe were up for Eviction this Sunday Night. It is going to be a fascinating week. Who do you think benefited the most from Today's major events. Let us know your thoughts below. 



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