Day 5: More Pepper, Anyone?

05 July 2019
What's the Pepper Dem gang without serving us some heat in different shades?

The Way To Their Heart(s)

Ella went Nigerian on the Housemates last night as she cooked the native “white soup” for all of them. Khafi who was probably eating the soup for the first time ate to her fill.

Our London "cop," told Ella that she enjoyed the food so much - to which Ella responded that cooking gave her joy. Do you know what they say about the way to a (wo)man's heart?  Ella darling, tell us, are you trying to cook your way into the stomach of the Housemates? 

1562293511 34 screenshot 2019 07 05 at 2.29.25 am

Take Me Back

Since Big Brother gave them the silence Task, the Housemates have refused to forget the childhood games they played during the day. Both the ladies and gentlemen in the House were involved in playing the rubber band games and if any Housemate was lost on the dynamics of any game, that Housemate was taught.

An example was Mike who didn’t know how the rubber game worked but was promptly taught by Sir Dee. They enjoyed the game so much that Sir Dee, Thelma, Tacha and Avala considered using their Bet9ja Coins to buy a pack of rubber bands. Smart?

Another game the Housemates played to keep sleep far away from them was table tennis. Jeff, Frodd, Ike, Gedoni and Tacha improvised by turning the table inside the closet to a tennis table. They took turns to play the game in sets.

Did you feel nostalgic seeing the Housemates play these games? Do you remember any of your childhood favourites?

More Wahala?

Tacha, Seyi and Ike took a trip to Big Brother Naija Double Wahala Season, as they talked about the Housemates who were real and those who weren’t. What could be their intention? Trying to serve us more than wahala, maybe?

The Masseuse Is Here!

Nelson worked his magic fingers again tonight on Isilomo and Ella. From the look of things, his massage business is really booming as his services are in great demand among the Housemates (of course, with the ladies making up a large part of his clientele). During his session with Biggie, Nelson revealed that he got one Bet9ja coin for the favours he rendered to Omashola in terms of massage. How about doing this for a living, Nelson?

1562294698 34 screenshot 2019 07 05 at 1.20.41 am

As the day unwraps, we can't wait to see what the Housemates will bring to our screens. Ready?

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