Day 5: House vs. Khloe

02 February 2018
Khloe seems to be rubbing all the Housemates up the wrong way with her combative attitude and she really doesn't seem to care.

Khloe has made no secret of the fact that she is a strong and opinionated person but over the last two days things have become explosive and she seems to of made enemies out of just about everyone.

The Catalyst 

Since Day one, Khloe has been one firecracker of a Housemate, first expressing her envy at how Cee-C was chosen over her by Tobi to share the luxury bedroom but this was child’s play compared to what followed. When the Housemates were instructed to divide into two groups for the Task presentation it was as if Khloe deemed herself president of the Big Brother House. Her bossy and somewhat aggressive manner immediately put her teammates off.

The Task and the tears

Yesterday saw the Housemates losing their Wager due to their bad behaviour in the House but once again Khloe was at the centre of all the controversy again when she blatantly insulted and upset Vandora, Ahneeka, Cee-C, Princess and Alex all in one night with her blatant disregard for anyone's feelings. It was not just the ladies who felt jilted by her, Tobi being the HOH was completely flabbergasted at the fact that Khloe would not apologise to anyone or take any responsibility for her actions. Phrases like "leave your emotional bags at home" and "this behaviour in MY house" from Khloe has the Housemates gasping with disbelief. How will this effect Khloe's relationship with Big Brother?


Obviously K.Brule is the one taking the most strain at all of this drama due to his pairing with Khloe, even after sharing an intimate moment over some pillow talk last night it appears this has made no difference in Khloe's approach to the game and the other Housemates. Nothing has been resolved and even after two different attempts from K.Brule this morning to try and talk to her about her actions are going to ultimately affect him, it was met with nothing but hostility and swearing from Khloe. Is Khloe taking her disregard too far by not caring about K.Brule's status in the House? Surely team work is the aim of the Double Wahala game but maybe this is all part of a strategy?

Khloe has become the word on everyone's lips, this will either work for or against her. Only time will tell.

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