Day 49: The Housemates compete in the O3 Capital Task – BBNaija

11 September 2021
Today's Task was all about credit, but nobody got something for nothing!
Day 49 Task cover

Today, the Housemates received a Brief for yet another of their regulars Tasks – this one courtesy of 03 Capital, the financial services provider. After being divided into three teams named after O3 Capital’s products – Team Classic Card, Team Platinum Card and Team Prestige Card – the Housemates headed over to the storeroom to get their O3 Capital swag and then sat themselves down to watch a series of videos about 03 Cards, furiously taking notes in preparation for the Task, which was to develop a five minute-long creative sales pitch about O3 Capital, its services and the particular card that each Team represents.

Team Classic Card: Nini, Saskay, Pere, Whitemoney

Team Platinum Card: Angel, Saga, Emmanuel, Jackie B, Queen

Team Prestige Card: Yousef, Cross, Jaypaul. Liquorose

The Housemates spent their hour getting to grips with the particulars of the credit card industry and with O3 Capital’s various products – as usual, they would walk around the House whispering their lines to themselves in preparation. Luckily, Biggie doesn’t Strike them out, for this. After watching the prepare, you’d be forgiven for feeling like an expert in financial instruments.

When the Housemates were called into the Arena, a few surprises awaited them. Before they were required to present their sales pitches, each team would need to nominate members to perform a series of other challenges for points that would count toward their performance in the Task.

Team Platinum Card chose Emmanuel as their representative in the piñata challenge – which is what you would think it is: smack things with a. baseball bat – a total of four balls hanging for each team, twenty points for each smashed ball, thirty seconds in which to do it.

Uhm… Emmanuel dealt with that in about five seconds, flat. Team Platinum clearly chose their representative well, even though Jackie B was struck by some shrapnel. She’s fine – don’t worry.

Next up was Pere for Team Classic Card… he smashed the four balls with two swings. It took about a second. Pere was not playing around.

Cross was last to go in the piñata challenge, on behalf of Team Prestige Card – yup, he made short work of it, too. It’s safe to say the piñata challenge was not the hardest thing the Housemates have ever had to do.

The second puzzle was “the jigsaw”, and the representatives were Yousef, Angel and Saskay. Not surprisingly, this challenge required the Housemates to solve a jigsaw puzzle within two minutes, and each of the puzzle pieces would be worth five points. Once the three representatives had taken their positions, it was off to the races!

Saskay was the first to finished with Yousef close behind. Angel, however, struggled with her puzzle and was not able to complete it in time, meaning that Team Platinum Card were now officially behind.

The third activity was a quiz session, which… you know what? We don’t need to tell you what a quiz is. The three representatives were Nini, Angel and Liquorose.


Angel went first and got four out of five questions correct. Nini was up next and was required to answer questions read to her by Saga. She also got four correct after she was convinced by Pere to change her final answer. Last was Liquorose was last who blasted through every question without any hesitation, getting a perfect five out of five.

Next, it was time for the teams to make their sales pitches, and Team Prestige Card went first, with a few “fluffs” from Jaypaul. Liquorose maintained her form from the quiz and knocked it out the park. Cross was excellent – Mister smooth.

The second team to make their pith was Team Platinum. Saga was fine, but Emmanuel has a few struggles along the way. Team Prestige closed off the presentation, and everyone needed to concentrate to follow Nini’s speech – that woman talks fast!

At the end, a point of contention came up – Pere raised the issue that the brochure they were given had conflicting information to some of the other material. He really wanted to get the information out, and Biggie told him to “take a deep breath”. Once he did, he made a pretty convincing argument

Once all of this was completed, it turned out that there was a tie, and a tiebreaker was need to decide who won what. Team Prestige was told to ask another representative for the tiebreaker and sent in Jaypaul. Team Classic sent Nini into the ring. The tiebreak would be another puzzle challenge. After a super-tense challenge, Jaypaul was able to come through with the win, getting hugs from all of his teammates.

After all of that, Team Prestige Card emerged as the winner: Yousef, Cross, Jaypaul. Liquorose will all be taking home a preloaded O3 Card with N500 000. Not bad for a day’s work!