Day 48: Team Dano Choco Wins

17 August 2019
Putting up a valiant effort, Team Dano Choco, comprising of Seyi, Venita and Tacha won the Dano Milk Challenge.
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Venita impeccable performance during the Dano Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge sealed the victory for Team Dano Choco in the Dano Milk Challenge. The Team which also comprised of Seyi and Esther got the cash prize of 750,000 Naira and a year's supply of Arla Dano products.  

The challenge started with a brief reading in the lounge and required the Housemates to be grouped in teams of three. The teams were Dano Cool Cow, Dano Full Cream, Dano Slim, Dano Choco Dano Strawberry and Dano UHT.

The Jingle 

The challenge kicked off with the Dano radio jingle Task. where the Pepper Dem Gang showed off their skills in the Arena. An interesting twist was Biggie stepping down from scoring the Housemates and giving them the chance to score each other. This made the jingle Task a bit tricky as some teams took the scoring personal. This happened when Mercy’s team, Dano Strawberry which included Joe and Diane, scored Omashola’s team zero in response to earning one point from them. 

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For their stellar performance, the teams scored the Dano Choco team (Mike, Gedoni and Jackye) 20 points. Other teams like Dano Slim ( Enkay, Cindy, Sir Dee) and Dano UHT (Seyi, Venita and Esther) were given 13 and 19 points respectively. Team Dano Full Cream (Omashola, Khafi and Frodd) scored eight making them the bottom-ranked team.

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The Trivia Round

This round tested the knowledge of the Pepper Dem Gang about current affairs and other trivia items. The individual teams put up a fair performance although Biggie was worried enough to suggest they might have to have more trivia Tasks in the future.  Team Dano Full Cream won this round with nine points but didn't amass enough points to proceed to the final round. Team Dano Choco, UHT and Cool Cow proceeded to the final round scoring 25, 24 and 21 points respectively.

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Fitting the Pieces  

The challenge ended with a fun Jigsaw Puzzle. Who knew Venita had a thing for puzzles? Not only did she finish hers in record time, but she also proceeded to help her teammates as they finished in 7 minutes, 15 seconds. Team Dano UHT and Cool Cow couldn't finish theirs in the allotted time making Team Choco the winner of the Challenge. 

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