Day 48: Party room Prep

11 March 2017
The Housemates were working on their ONE AFRICA presentations when HoH TTT was called into the Diary Room.
roomprep Collage

HoH TTT had received instructions to go into the Diary Room to retrieve a box of decorations left there by Biggie. The Housemates were to use these decorations to accessorize the Party Room for tonight’s shindig with DJ Neptune.

34 roomprep12 004 pre

The Housemates seemed like they needed a bit of a break from developing their presentations and they all trooped into the Party Room citing the fact that they haven’t done any decorating of the Party Room for two weeks running.

34 room prep 004 pre

34 room prep2 004 pre

The decorations took shape as the Housemates seemed to have preconceived ideas as to where they wanted to place the different ornaments. The Party Room took on a post wedding feel as the love theme showed through. They even went as far as putting Marvis and Efe’s names as part of the décor.

34 room prep8 004 pre

34 room prep3 004 pre

As soon as the décor was finished, the Housemates all gathered in the garden for some light hearted chit chat before they pulled out all their musical instruments to further rehearse their musical piece for their Task Presentation later today.

34 room prep13 004 pre

Sure you are as expectant as the Housemates are to see the judges reactions to their individual presentations as they all strive to become global ambassadors for the ONE AFRICA campaign. #GirlsCount.


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