Day 46: Nuptial Wager Bliss.

10 March 2017
The Housemates celebrate the happy Wedding day between Marvis and Efe.

Excitement was in the air as the big moment drew near. The Housemates spent their entire day getting ready and doing the finishing touches to what promised to be an emotional and beautiful BBWedding between the chosen couple, Marvis and Efe. It was TBoss' birthday and she was treated to a short celebration of bubbly and cake. There was even a message from her former boo, Miyonse which brought a tear to her eyes. It wasn't long, though before Biggie reminded them that they had bet 100% on their Wager and Biggie said that he was expecting big things. 

Biggie then gave the Housemates a simple Task, they had four hours to prepare the feast for the upcoming nuptials. They tackled the menu with gusto and soon the kitchen was abuzz with the Housemates busying themselves withe the many sumptuous dishes that they had prepared for the Heritage Bank Wedding. Four hours, at first, seemed like a long time but the Housemates saw the deadline come and go and they were late with finishing the cooking. 

Soon it was time for the couple to get ready for their Engement party and they had a surprise visit from a representative of the Heritage Bank who brought the Housemates some amazing outfits which made the ceremony all the more beautiful. Everyone played their roles to perfection and soon Efe and Marvis were smooching in celebration.


The excitement kept mounting as the Housemates had a joint Diary Session with Biggie quizzing them all on how well they thought they were doing for the traditional Proudly Naija Engagement and the upcoming Reception. All felt excited and felt positive that they had done an amazing job. They also described their traditional attire

It wasn't long before the Housemates were summoned again to the Arena to celebrate the Wedding with a feast fir for Biggie's Wedding. Bassey was a brilliant Master of Ceremonies and Bisola acted out her role as Marvis's mother very well with ThinTallTony also getting into character. After the cutting of the cake, their was the small matter of the Wager up for grabs and Biggie was not altogether happy with the Housemates efforts and felt that they could have dressed better for the Reception party. Some of the Housemates got that sinking feeling and started looking glum because trhey thought they had lost the Wager again, but Biggie was in a generous mood and despite a long list of probloems, Biggie announced to a relieved Arena that they had won their Wager. 

They were told to leave the Arena immediately and they continued their post Wedding party inside the House. They settled down in groups of two or more and chatted for a while, before calling it a night.


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