Day 45: Biggie, The Big Brother

14 March 2018
Big Brother has been able to trigger a lot of emotion out of the Housemates.
Day 45_Biggie_The Big Brother

The Big Brother House isn’t just timber, bricks, cement and cameras; we wouldn’t blame anyone for assuming that it was built on a foundation of emotion, plastered with drama and powered by romance because the Housemates go through the most drastic of changes, fuelled by the most hectic of emotions. However, Big Brother seems to always know just what to say in order to trigger the desired reactions. He isn’t referred to as the ‘all seeing’ for nothing.  

Psyched By Biggie

Like an actual Big Brother that acts as mediator between unruly siblings, a defender in the parent VS child court, emotional anchor to loved ones dealing with lost love and voice of reason when there seems to be a lack of clear judgement; Big Brother has been able to play those roles and much more. Many attribute Nina’s ability to open up and shed a few tears to her pairing with Teddy A, well, we beg to differ. Biggie has slowly elevated Nina’s spirits and directly contributed to her new found confidence. Looking back, he was able to trigger Dee-One's emotional breakdown sourced from the loss of his mentor, Vandora’s ‘sobathon’ fuelled by being overwhelmed and missing her family as well as Ifu Ennada’s emotional break down, caused by her loneliness and how perpendicular she was while the other Housemates remained parallel.

The Diary Room's Personality.

If the Diary was a kingdom, Biggie would be a god because referring to him as king in this context would be a complete understatement. The Oga always manages to get exactly what he wants out of the Housemates, be it a smile or tears. We’ve had a couple of instances where the Housemates carried their sorrows and frustrations into the diary room and came out looking and feeling rather light-hearted.  Although one of the most important elements of the House, the Diary Room has a life of its own, with an energy so contagious that the Housemates can’t help but match up and exude their own; sometimes over-done due to the fact that they’re almost constantly engaged in ego wars with other Housemates spotting equally overbearing personalities.

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