Day 45: "Happy Birthday TBoss!"

09 March 2017
Our Housemates played Monopoly all night before giving TBoss a special, birthday treat just before bedtime.

The Housemates were tentative at the beginning as they figured out the rules and got into the groove of things. It didn't hurt that they had money in the bank either but soon their accounts were running dry and the fight to stay in the game began. The scheming and excessive bargaining was particularly prevalent in TTT, Marvis, Bassey and Debie-Rises' group. TTT was the chief culprit, fighting with Marvis and Bassey for almost 10 minutes and refusing to sell the little wealth he had left and go bankrupt. "Are you not Christians?" he pleaded with them to no avail. To get revenge for knocking him out he convinced them to gang up on Debie-Rise and "scatter her market!".  Ultimately, it was Bassey who reigned victorious and won the right to proceed to the finals.

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Once the game was done it was time to tend to the most important matter at hand, TBoss' birthday! She'd been up to her usual antics, pranking TTT with her "ice cold hand" attack in the changing room.

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Afterward she treated the bride to be, Marvis to a facial before donning her own mask and hopping into the shower. The Housemates ambushed her singing "Happy Birthday" with Debie-Rise and Bassey providing accompaniment on the guitar and harmonica.

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TBoss rushed out and wrapped her towel around her breast before taking a seat in the dressing room and savouring the sweet gesture from her Housemates who also threw confetti all over her! Efe dropped a few bars calling her "the best" despite their tiff earlier. All the while, the birthday girl was smiling cheek to cheek and seemed overcome with emotion . Want to show her some love on her special day too? Let's hear it for "Queen TBoss".

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